Adoria Maxberry

Artist Statement:

As an artist in the Black Lives Matter! Cincinnati Mural, Adoria L. Maxberry realized that this was an opportunity to share her voice through art. This piece “Eyes on Me,” is a reflection that speaks to the visibility received as both artists and people of color. The linoleum cut eyes in the background depict those that looked on with support and those looked on in hatred and disgust. As a black woman with a diverse background, multiple colors fill the inside of the artist’s self portrait. Yes, she is a woman of color and has many facets. We should see each other’s skin, and embrace it and what’s within. What the artist hopes is transparent, is the love she exudes and the art that radiates from her to bring glory to God. As a nod to the movement for justice, her company, Most OutGROWing LLC, and the many children she desires to see grow into adults that thrive, she stands in a field of her black power sunflowers! Each flower represents the beauty, power and strength that lies in each of us as “seeds” of potential. May we all continue to grow together and thrive in this garden called life.


Adoria Maxberry is a visual artist and educator based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Houston native is the owner of Most OutGROWing LLC, an organization dedicated to helping others grow spiritually, mentally and creatively through art. Her work as an arts educator and civic leader reflects her company initiative: to foster unique and meaningful art experiences with a focus on creativity, exploration and reflection. She further emphasizes the importance of individual and communal growth through creative consulting, and commissioned pieces throughout the greater Cincinnati area. Her scholastic achievements include a Master of Visual Arts Education and Licensure from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP); and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts, Public Relations from Xavier University (Cincinnati). She was acknowledged by DAAP as the 2020 school of art Outstanding Graduate Student. She and her husband Bryan encourage their three beautiful children, Addison, Bryan III, and Charlie, to shine in the face of adversity by bringing truth and positivity to the most dim situations to change the world.


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