Who is American Today?

  • Who is American Today?

    • Thursday, Jan. 30 at 6:30pm
    • 6546 Montgomery Rd.

    Who is American Today? is an ongoing research project by Flavia Bastos, PhD. and James Rees, MFA. that aims to investigate what and who high school students consider “American” to be, and how digital media skills play a role in their civic identity.

    Presenters Flavia Bastos and James Rees will discuss their pilot project, which leverages the technological abilities of today’s students who have been raised with digital technology and tools, with a participatory arts-based project that asks high school students from the United States to use digital storytelling to express their lived experiences in America today.

    Free and open to the public. 

    Flavia Bastos is an accomplished professor, researcher and scholar of art education, educational philosophies, and progressing creative practices. She is a Professor in the College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning at the University of Cincinnati.

    James Rees is a passionate advocate for art education that balances theory, research, and practice. He currently teaches full-time at Provo High School in Utah.

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