STEREOTYPED: Senior project by Alyssa Moore

  • STEREOTYPED: Senior project by Alyssa Moore

    • 13 March 2021
    • Posted By Ellen Muse-Lindeman
    Date/Timing March 17 - 27, 2021

    Alyssa Moore, a senior at Clark Montessori High School, used her artistic talent and creativity to make these two paintings as an extension of her senior paper.  
    Artist Statement:
    “For my senior project, I will be writing about the ways different stereotypes have distorted the image of black people since the height of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade up until today.
    All seniors had to choose a product to create that would be a sensible extension of their essay. I chose to create a 2-canvas painting that portrays one whole face of a black woman when put together. On the left canvas, there is half of a face of a black woman that many might assume to be “ghetto” as well as a few negative stereotypical adjectives surrounding her. On the right side, there is half of a face of a black woman that would not be deemed ghetto based off of her looks, along with some positive adjectives that I believe describe black women accurately.
    I want people to look at this painting and realize how backwards some of their mindsets may be… Why is one side of the painting considered unprofessional, loud and ghetto, while the other is not? Both sides are the same woman, so how can that be?
    A QR code to my Instagram art account is copied below. I am hoping to receive any and all feedback regarding this piece, so please leave any if you have some!”
    Alyssa’s paintings will be exhibited at Kennedy Heights Arts Center from March 17th to March 27th.
    See them in person in our gallery Wednesday – Friday 10am – 5pm and Saturdays 11am – 4pm.
    Free timed entry tickets are available here or by calling 513-631-4278. Masks are required. Please practice social distancing.
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