Hannah “Jonesy” Jones

Artist Statement:

The most disrespected and unprotected demographic in America is the dark skinned, black trans and non-binary femme woman. Repeatedly, they show up and fight for gay rights, black rights, trans rights and women’s rights but are underrepresented in media and are continuously fighting simply to exist. Black femme trans women are coming up dead and missing at an alarming rate. This piece is in response to that lack of representation and violence and ALSO the appropriation of common black trends. On the back end of this issue, it’s ironic that the fashion and social media industry have no problem stealing from black women and their sense of style without knowing their origin or cultural significance. Many black women are perceived as “ghetto” or “unprofessional” for originating and sporting the same looks that a white woman could sell as trendy and on brand. While we are hot on the movement of fighting for black lives, we have to make sure we are fighting for all black lives not just the ones that seem attractive or familiar to us. There are so many beautiful humans that meet so many intersections of being. With so many seats at the table, there is room for us all. Black lives are magic. – Jonesy


Hannah Jones (She/Her/They/Them) is a 27 year old mixed race queer visual artist and muralist currently based in Cincinnati, OH. As an intersectional feminist her work fantasizes a world that thrives outside basic hetero-normative thinking. She uses loud, vivid, saturated, pop imagery to illuminate and dignify ALL HUMANS on every level of the spectrum who are visualized happily thriving in full flying, glorious colors outside the rigid black and white boxes society places on them and their identities. Black lives are magic and black lives matter.



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