Jordon Haworth-Zermeno

Artist Statement:

I decided to focus on the tradition of Los Posadas, which is basically a celebration of Jesus Christ. Children lead a procession to a church and place the baby Jesus in the manger. I depicted the nativity scene but instead of Jesus Christ in the manger, I painted a child wrapped in foil in a cage. This painting is meant to shed light on what is happening in ICE detention centers. Mary, Joseph, and the three kings have their eyes closed to communicate the way we have been ignoring and dismissing this issue in these internment camps. I wanted to paint this because I think it is important to remember that many children will never see their parents again from separation in these camps. The families separated will also not be able to have the luxury of celebrating the holidays, especially with their loved ones.


I am a 23-year-old interdisciplinary artist that primarily uses oil paints. I graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in May 2020. My work revolves around being biracial and what it means to me to live these two worlds. My identity is an extremely important part of my practice and gives me awareness of myself and those like me. My work is political, aggressive, and unapologetic.

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