Latausha Cox

Artist Statement:

The past year I have been outraged and sickened by the countless videos of innocent Black murders. I felt it unnecessary to digest more traumatizing depictions of violence against yet another innocent Black person. I breathe differently and my senses are heightened in the presence of law enforcement. In response, I am actively collecting personal stories from various individuals offering insights into lived racial experiences and their impact on our cultural language. There are so many stories and lives of so many Black people lost – discarded; their lives treated as unimportant or disposable. This particular body of work is composed of six small canvases of body parts symbolizing our broken justice system and the unapologetic message that Black lives don’t matter. There are fingerprints embedded throughout the pieces signifying their identity and humanity.  Each drawing is black and white just as the contrasting racial views that continue to sing our nation’s historic anthems of hate and division.


Latausha Cox was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her work currently focuses on her personal experiences with race and identity. By sharing her journey, she hopes to inspire others to explore their own stories to discover and release their authentic voice. She is an illustrator, educator, and researcher who uses her art practice to expose evidence of racism and bias and educating others. Her portfolio ranges from the stark contract of black and white ink to the vibrant designs of digital illustrations. Latausha graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2007 and is nearing a Master’s degree in Art Education and licensure from DAAP (Design, Art, Architecture and Planning) at the University of Cincinnati. She recently received the honor of the Director’s Choice award from DAAP in May 2020 for her Master’s research project Illustrative Becoming. Cox currently works for the Kennedy Heights Arts Center and has an exhibition opening there in August 2020. She resides in Cincinnati with her husband and two children.


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