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  • Village of Silverton Selects Artists for Next Public Art Project

    • 22 August 2019
    • Posted By Ellen Muse-Lindeman

    Kennedy Heights Arts Center, in partnership with The Village of Silverton, is pleased to announce that Project One Studio (Indianapolis, IN)  is the selected artists for the Silverton Park Gateway Public Art project!

    Their proposed piece for the Silverton Park Gateway location at the corner of Montgomery Road and Highland Avenue is a bold, inspiring, and representational piece of public art for the citizens and visitors of the
    Village, and heightens the vibrancy and identity of the community. 

    Description of proposal by Project One Studio:

    “We sought to create an exciting and uplifting piece of art that both represents the diversity and inclusiveness of the community, but is abstract enough to be interpreted in numerous ways. We did a site visit to get a feeling of the place. This helped us to understand placement of the project and how it could be experienced by car and pedestrians. Along a major roadway, the work needs to be visually impactful but also relatable to human scale, allowing for engagement from multiple vantage points. It is
    able to be interacted with up close as well as hundreds of feet away.

    The project brings together hundreds of unique colorful components to create a unified visual statement. Similar to the diverse population of Silverton, coming from all walks of life, the panels create an eclectic meandering form where each is allowed to have its own identity. At one specific point in space these parts all align, representing the unified vision of the community’s future. The seemingly random objects come together to highlight the word “Silverton” as a statement of belief in the Village’s unique identity,
    history, and growth. This iconic sculptural element gains strength from the positive momentum of its community.”


    From an open call for Request for Qualifications, KHAC received 41 applications from artists all across the United States. From these submissions, 5 artists were chosen to develop and submit more detailed proposals for Silverton’s specific site. Through careful consideration and discussion, the Village of Silverton’s Park, Art, Trees and Culture Committee (PACT Com) selected the final winner of the public art commission. We look forward to working through this process with Project One Studio, along with Landscape Architect Project Manager Mike Slagle from The Kleingers Group, and Village Manager Tom Carroll from The Village of Silverton, and seeing the finished installed piece in the coming year. 

    Project One Studio is a digital design + fabrication studio, founded by Adam Buente and Kyle Perry in 2009. After receiving graduate degrees in architecture, they shifted their direction and began creating work that spans the boundaries of art and architecture. They are focused on craft and complexity, and strive to develop unique solutions to every project. They design, fabricate, and install custom architectural installations, private and public art commissions, and anything unique. Many of their projects feature complex textures, pattern systems, and creative tectonics. Their architectural education and work experience allows them to collaborate very well with other design and engineering professionals and regulatory agencies. In addition to public art commissions, they commonly work directly with Architects, Landscape Architects, and various designers to create unique pieces for their projects. 

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