Artists As Activists Book


Saad Ghosn, Editor – SIGNED COPY

Greater Cincinnati Artists as Activists. Intriguing artist interviews with pivotal artists from our region. Artist portraits by Michael Wilson. 300 pages, color book.

Forward by Dan La Botz. Introduction by Saad Ghosn.

Included artists: Farron Allen, Andy Au, Lauri Aultman, Gordon Baer, Keith Banner & Bill Ross, Mary Pierce Brosmer, Carmen Bowen Bush, Jeff Casto, Jan Brown Checco, Suzanne Chouteau, Halena Cline, Cedric Michael Cox, Scott Donaldson, Andy Fausz, Steven Finke, Dorothy Fraembs, Gary Gaddney, Barbara Gamboa, Stephen Geddes, Melvin Grier, Gena Grunenberg, Terence Hammonds, Kymber Henson, Michael Henson, Barbara Houghton, Jimi Jones, Jerry Judge, Kevin T. Kelly, Aaron Kent, Mary Ann Lederer, Carolyn Mazloomi, Gloria McConnaghy, Paulette Meier, Rod Northcutt, Kelly & Kyle Phelps, Thomas Phelps, Ellen Price, Michelle Red Elk, Matt Reed, Thom Shaw, Kim Shifflett, Kurt Storch, Steve Sunderland, Ken Swinson, Leigh Waltz, Roscoe Wilson, and Martin Zeinway.

A Publication of SOS (Save Our Souls) ART

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