If I ruled the world… (postcard)




Gee Horton, If I ruled the world…, Charcoal, Graphite Pencil & Goldleaf

Artist Statement:

Gee Horton is a Cincinnati-based self-trained Hyperrealist visual artist who has recently transitioned from his corporate 9 to 5 job to focus primarily on making art and building communities. Using graphite and charcoal pencils, Gee’s drawings capture a heightened sense of realism, but it is important to note that the Hyperrealist style is only one facet of comprehending his work. Having earned a master’s in social work from the University of Louisville, he often incorporates his education and life experiences into his art to achieve a kind of power that for many triggers’ emotional associations. With this in mind, his current work makes a connection between his African roots and their juxtaposition to American attitudes on the social and emotional development of the African American male experience.

Gee is currently working on a series of work entitled, “Coming of Age”. In collaboration with photographer Jason Carter, the series is autobiographical and offers a complex multilayered conversation about black-male adolescence and their search for identity, acceptance, purpose, and love. His nephew from Louisville acts as the series muse, portraying Horton’s younger self.

The work of art entitled, “If I ruled the world…” attempts to capture an intimate and rare moment within this boy’s adolescence where he discovers a sense of self-assurance and pure confidence. His striking pose unapologetically represents this new found confidence which prompts the thought-provoking idea of, “If I ruled the world…” – a rather far-fetched idea as it relates to his poverty-stricken reality and unfortunate circumstances. However, the boy isn’t afraid to dream and explore the idea, an idea which later changed his life!

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