Jimi Jones, PRELUDE TO AFTER THE HUNT, digital image

Artist Statement:

If life is a fox hunt, what role do you play?

Are you the Master: conductor of the Hunt; selecting and inviting only those who are like you.

Are you the Huntsman: in charge of controlling the hounds but still only second in command.

Are you a Hound: you have no voice so are controlled and kept as a pack by the Huntsman’s voice; your only job is to blindly chase down and kill the fox.

Are you a Rider: only in the hunt because someone has allowed you in; you and the other Riders are indistinguishable from each other.

Are you the Fox: chased by Riders and Hounds; guilty of nothing but existing.

Does race control your role? Does wealth change your role? What role do you play? America. Prelude to After the Hunt.

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