Vietnam Moratorium (postcard)




Melvin Grier, Vietnam Moratorium, October 15, 1969, Photograph from 35mm negative

Artist Statement:

In June of 1969, Brenda and I had been married at a Bible College across the street from the apartment building where we lived. We were not affiliated with the school, you might call it a wedding of convenience. In our spare time we were loosely connected to the civil rights and peace movements.

There were the usual marches locally, which by and large were peaceful. There was a succession of speakers in churches and Eden Park addressing the issues of the day, be it voting rights or the war in Vietnam. To this end, Brenda volunteered to work on the Independent Eye newspaper. I had completed four years in the USAF being honorably discharged in November of 1965. I was trying to find my way as a photojournalist and the ‘Eye’ was willing to publish my work.

In October of 1969 there was to be a Vietnam War Moratorium in Washington DC. We decided that we would join others on a bus charter to our nation’s capital. After the long bus trip and upon our arrival we could easily see that this demonstration and march would be quite unlike anything we had participated in back home. Our group eventually made it to the Washington Monument and with the homemade Peace flag represented the Queen City.

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