Savannah Vagedes

Artist Statement:

My work connects with music a lot, so I decided to make my retelling based off a classic Christmas song “Blue Christmas.” This is especially relevant this year because we might not get to spend Christmas the ways we have been able to in the past whether that means some family members may be gone, or that we are not able to travel to see them, etc. It could also relate to love, as my other work does. I used the color palette to make it sweeter and more lighthearted, as well as juxtaposing the sweet colors with my punky aesthetic. 


Savannah is a print maker/designer that owns and operates her own streetwear brand Ladders. Ladders deals with love, control vs. lack of control and examination of relationships with people, places, things, and experiences. T-shirts are specifically important to Savannah because it is a way to document experience (concerts, etc.). The clothing then becomes a souvenir/memento for a memory/experience. It is important to her to document and analyze her experiences and be authentic in that way; to build a foundation for viewers to connect with, whether it be to the honesty, to the vulnerability, or to the direct emotion/subject matter, or even to the irony. This stands the same for her paintings. Showing that raw and pure vulnerability creates a clarity for the artist and for the viewers. Bringing grungy textures and typefaces inspired by her connection to the east AND west coast and punk culture promoting the juxtaposition between her feminine pop and tomboy styles. 


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