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  • Art is our Super Power

    • 30 December 2019
    • Posted By Ellen Muse-Lindeman

    Groundbreaking research in neuroscience reveals that our need to connect with other people is even more fundamental than our need for food and shelter. Social connection is a super power that makes individuals smarter, happier and more productive.*

    At Kennedy Heights Arts Center, we have seen how arts and culture connect us—to start conversations we might not otherwise have, to celebrate our commonalities, to overcome differences.

    Teens collaborate with professional artists and each other to create projects about issues they care about from homelessness to bullying–and make a difference in their community.

    Diverse artists of all practices and skill levels come together weekly in a supportive, nurturing space in Open Studio. They create much more than artwork—they create community.

    Elementary students in Cincinnati Public Schools collaborate with artists and musicians in the classroom and after school. They create art installations, play in jazz and string orchestras, perform plays, and sing in a chorus—soaring beyond their expectations.

    Kennedy Heights Arts Center provides free and low-cost arts experiences for more than 5,000 people every year–including art education classes for youth and adults, summer camps, artist residencies in the community, programs in public schools, Teen Artists for Change, diverse exhibitions, public art projects, and cultural events from Winterfest to Jazz in the Heights.

    Because of contributions from people like you, 100% of these creative experiences are accessible to everyone regardless of income.

    Your support is critical. Your gift to Kennedy Heights Arts Center creates social connections and builds vibrant communities for all of us.

    Be a Super Hero. Give to our Annual Fund Campaign today.

    *Matthew Lieberman, Social, 2013.

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