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  • Bridging Cultural Divides

    • 4 December 2017
    • Posted By Ellen Muse-Lindeman

    Last spring, something truly special happened. We danced.

    Perhaps that doesn’t sound remarkable, but the experience generated a sense of joy and connection that’s rare. Guided by our artist-in-residence from Inlet Dance Theatre (Cleveland, OH), racially and economically diverse residents of all ages and all ability levels came together for one month to dance. In our core group of adults, the oldest was 75 years old and the youngest were in their 20s. 

    Strangers came together through the love of dance and formed strong bonds. Participants learned far more than dance steps; they built community.

    Participants called the whole experience “amazing,” saying “it opened up doors/windows for me,” and they “appreciated the ways of honoring people coming from a variety of backgrounds and abilities.”

    In a world too often fractured and divided, the arts have the unique power to connect people to each other and restore a sense of belonging.

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