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  • Creating a Home

    • 26 November 2018
    • Posted By Ellen Muse-Lindeman

    It’s probably no coincidence that the Kennedy Mansion began its life in 1875 as a home—the home of neighborhood founder Lewis Kennedy.

    Today, Kennedy Heights Arts Center is still creating a home. Although it no longer houses a single family, the center is a home for community activity; home for creative experiences and meaningful conversations; a home for everyone.

    “Kennedy Heights Arts Center is Home,” remarked collaborator Ena Nearon Menefield. “Home for meaningful conversations. Home for expressive, diverse exhibitions. Home for new experiences. Home for good friends. Home for everyone.”

    In thought-provoking art exhibitions, community engagement and cultural events of all kinds, Kennedy Heights Arts Centers sparks community dialogue and promotes interaction across generations, racial and economic groups. It demonstrates how art can be a vehicle for social change.

    “There is such a range of diverse projects going on at KHAC that brings in so many different people. That this even exists in Cincinnati is rare,” said Ena. “The Arts Center goes beyond being a passive viewer of art—it draws you in. You are welcome as you are. You can share your thoughts and ideas, and be inspired.”

    Be part of this incredible story with your gift to Kennedy Heights Arts Center. 


    After all, there is no place like home.

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