Illustrative Becoming

  • Illustrative Becoming

    • 7 March 2020
    • Posted By Ellen Muse-Lindeman
    Date/Timing September 5 - November 7

    “lllustrative Becoming” is a term artist Latausha Cox created to describe an auto-ethnographic practice of drawing that maps an individual’s past for the purpose of better understanding their identity. Creating a face-to-face conversation with one’s history, the practice of illustrative becoming allows an individual to actively address memories through an intimately drawn performance of life.

    This artistic approach to auto-ethnography, developed within Cox’s art practice and research, encompasses sketch journal drawings and illustrated collages. As a Black female, Cox chose to share her personal story through drawings about her racial history to better understand how her culture influences her artistic voice and educational practice. In depicting quiet memories through visual methods, illustrative becoming reveals connections and themes that provide a space for identity to be found. Viewers are invited to imagine their story and accept the challenge of creating their own collage map and their own journey of becoming.

    Latausha Cox is the Events Coordinator at Kennedy Heights Arts Center. Originally from Hamilton, Ohio, she has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbus College of Art & Design (2007), and will complete a Master of Arts in Art Education from the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at The University of Cincinnati in May, 2021.

    This exhibition was created as part of her Master’s thesis, which received the DAAP Director’s Choice Award for her major. The exhibit includes all of Latausha’s illustrations from her thesis project, some new pieces she created since March, writings for each artwork, and a video piece. 

    “Illustrative Becoming is deeply open, stylistically intriguing, and compassionately forthcoming in its narrative and voice. It makes you stop and examine your place in this America, at this time, and your relationship with other people. Mrs. Cox provides an honest depiction of her past and present, which makes you re-examine and confront your own narrative in the most truthful way,” said gallery director Mallory Feltz.

    Watch Latausha Cox’s Gallery Talk:

    Additional programming for Illustrative Becoming:

    Artist talk with Latausha Cox: Sunday, October 4 at 2:30 pm at Kennedy Heights Arts Center.

    Latausha Cox will be teaching an Illustrative Becoming drawing class this Fall at Kennedy Heights Arts Center – for teens and adults on Mondays from 6:30-8:00pm, Sept. 28th – Nov. 16th. Register here

    Watch Latausha Cox’s gallery tour and discussion video about this exhibit during the “Not Just for Show” Telethon and Variety Show, benefiting Wave Pool. Airs on Saturday, Sept. 26th at 8:15pm.

    Illustrative Becoming drawing workshops through Taft Museum and Manifest Drawing Center will be available on October 10th and 17th. Registration through the Taft Museum –

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