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  • You Belong Here

    • 19 December 2022
    • Posted By Ellen Muse-Lindeman

    Since its founding, Kennedy Heights Arts Center has been dedicated to bringing people together and building community through arts engagement.

    Too often, arts institutions have been associated with privilege and exclusion. Creating truly welcoming and inclusive cultural experiences goes beyond removing financial barriers to participation. It requires moving from a mindset of doing for to co-creating with our community.

    Last spring, we set out to make the idea of “welcome” tangible. We partnered with diverse artists to create spaces on the grounds of the arts center that are unequivocally welcoming and deeply inviting. We transformed our façade with large-scale photos, comfy gathering places, colorful street paintings, inspiring messages and vibrant installations. And at Hello & Welcome Community Days on the 4th Saturday every month, the artists and area residents came together in this space to create and connect.

    The power of the arts can be transformative. We filled our campus with color, but more than that, it was filled with a sense of joy and togetherness not often experienced.

    You can help create welcoming spaces where ALL are empowered to share their talents with your donation to Kennedy Heights Arts Center.


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