Artigo at Home: Fluxus: Performance and Play with Lindsey (Sparklezilla) Whittle


Fluxus: Performance and Play,  presented by Lindsey (Sparklezilla) Whittle

Step out of your comfort zone! Be in the moment and to open to the unexpected. Artist Lindsey (Sparklezilla) Whittle loves performance art. She loves watching it, she loves teaching it, and she loves performing herself. Within performance art, she loves the Fluxus Movement the most. This international, interdisciplinary community of artists, composers and poets during the 1960s and 70s is known for its experimental art performances which emphasized the artistic process over the finished product. Using a series of prompts and props, you will use humor and your creativity to transform basic daily actions as a form of performance art. The Fluxus Workbook is the starting point – it is up to us to come up with a variety of endings!


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If date night or family night seems like a distant memory, let us deliver custom curated experiences to your door. Artigo at Home provides all you need for a fun and creative night in. Five themed experiences ranging from a painting party to a surrealist parlor game were designed by local professional artists, drawn from their unique arts practice. Each box contains instructions and materials for a 1-2 hour interactive activity for families, couples or friends to create lasting memories from the comfort of your living room.

Order an Artigo at Home box online for curbside pick-up at Kennedy Heights Arts Center or delivery via US mail. No prior experience is necessary – just a sense of adventure!


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