Artigo at Home: Metamorph: A Game of Change by The Idea Factory


Metamorph: A Game of Change by The Idea Factory

Amusing, inspiring, and educational; Metamorph: A Game of Change by The Idea Factory incorporates elements of the absurd and the subconscious into a surrealist parlor game. Inside your kit you will find all the accoutrements to play the game indoors or out. While there are rules and instructions, feel free to make any adjustments you desire. We have included props that we invite you to embellish, replace, and/or add to. (Your own feather boas, costume jewelry, silly hats, wigs, and literary inspirations can all serve to make this experience richer either the first time through or in subsequent playings.) This is not a competitive game – there is no winner. The idea is to have fun creating a new persona – a new you! 


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If date night or family night seems like a distant memory, let us deliver custom curated experiences to your door. Artigo at Home provides all you need for a fun and creative night in. Five themed experiences ranging from a painting party to a surrealist parlor game were designed by local professional artists, drawn from their unique arts practice. Each box contains instructions and materials for a 1-2 hour interactive activity for families, couples or friends to create lasting memories from the comfort of your living room.


Order an Artigo at Home box online for curbside pick-up at Kennedy Heights Arts Center or delivery via US mail. No prior experience is necessary – just a sense of adventure!


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