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  • The Sounds of Creativity

    • 11 July 2016
    • Posted By khac

    There is a constant din outside my office. Excited voices, running feet, slamming doors.

    Yep, its summertime at Kennedy Heights Arts Center.

    This summer, more than 250 diverse young people will expand their creativity through art-making, dancing, acting, making music and more. They will paint murals, act like clowns, make animated films, and become the next big fashion designers. They will play games and make new friends.

    Despite the noise, the mess, the interruptions by kids seeking a band-aid, I love summer at the Arts Center.  The place is brimming with energy and imagination.

    Last week, kids created their own restaurants from the ground up. These young entrepreneurs wrote business plans, designed logos, constructed cardboard buildings, created menus and (pretend) food, and more. When I purchased my “latte” from the Bros Coffee Shop, I noticed these boys had thought of everything, right down to the credit card chip reader!

    Campers not only build skills, they build community. Racially and economically diverse kids get to know one another and develop friendships. Older kids mentor younger ones and become leaders. Young people get to express their uniqueness and most of all, have fun.

    And when camp season ends on August 15, the silence will feel like a ghost town around here.

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